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Gamified Challenges

Motivate and reward customers for completing activities that enhance your brand's goals. Completed challenges elevate the user's status and unlock rewards, fostering continued engagement.


Exclusive Digital Collectibles

Enable customers to earn digital collectibles as symbols of their achievements. These collectibles, tradable among customers, enhance community and fun.


Smart Rewards

Reward customers by unlocking personalized rewards tailored to their achievements including coupons, raffles, voting rights, and event passes.

White-label Platform

Brand Customization

Tailor the platform with your brand's colors, fonts, logos, and domain for a seamless experience.

How it works

Create Gamified Challenges

Build Quests around your brand with Loyi’s easy no-code interface and boost engagement KPIs.

Award Points And Collectibles

Reward customers with points and digital collectibles for completing quests. Points upgrade account levels and can unlock exclusive rewards.

Deliver Exclusive Brand Reward

Target customers by account levels and grant them personalized rewards. From digital event tickets, to discounts, merchandise and much more.

Enhanced experience for you and your customers

Blockchain-Enhanced Security & Exclusive Access

Enable secure digital wallets and unlock exclusive, token-gated experiences to ‘wow’ your customers.

API Integration for Custom Solutions

Select the best implementation approach tailored to your brand's unique requirements.

Automated Reporting & Analytics

Monitor ROI and engagement with intuitive dashboards for a comprehensive overview.

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